A coach is someone who holds space, provides a listening ear, offers tools and techniques to help you through whatever unexpected events and traumas life throws at you. Someone who believes in you as you find your own way, whichever path you need to be on. The ABC's work here. We begin with awareness. We also seek balance. And then we work on both getting clear and making changes. Somehow, the rest of the alphabet works itself out.
Trauma is a universal human pain. We seek out the help of trained, certified, and licensed professionals to help us through it. We also learn as much as possible to help ourselves, so that when we go to our next therapy appointment, we can speak with more clarity because our thoughts have more clarity.
Unfortunately, there are as many types of trauma as there are people. No two people have the same experience. Still, the cascade effect in our bodies are the same. Trauma is trauma. The same hormones flood our brains and bodies. The fight/flight/freeze response is the same one our friends and neighbors, even our worst enemies have also.
It could be a car crash, a death, an illness, the loss of a job.
These "big T" traumas where we feel like the rug just got pulled out from under us.
But maybe it's that we are stuck in traffic, had an argument with a spouse or co-worker, a breakup, expectations from others that we didn't even agree to but feel we have to maintain, a deadline we just can't make, what other people think we "should" do. It can be a smaller type of trauma that builds a little bit at a time until we feel overwhelmed and snap at our loved ones over silly things, then feel bad about it later because it really was such a small and silly thing. Or we avoid the feelings by staying busy, shutting down and becoming smaller, even using friends or substances to feel better. These "Little t" traumas add up. Drip... drip... drip... drip.
Maybe these things seem too small to bother with and we don't want to burden anyone with what we've been told is trivial. Maybe it's ok if we've been told they're trivial and we feel that they're big. Maybe we just need a short phone call to just feel heard and seen. Maybe we need to speak it out loud so that it becomes clear and we find that we had the answer all along and didn't know it. Maybe we need to just feel like we aren't alone. Maybe we can learn how to breathe deeper, unclench our jaw, let our shoulders relax.... and feel calm and peace replacing tension and stress... and life gets a little bit easier. This is what I do. I am not a licensed therapist. I don't diagnose or treat anything. Instead, I hold the space for you to explore your self. You already are and have all you need simply by being you. Maybe you just need me to reflect that back to you so you can see it, too.