Tarot Reading 6/15/2022

Newness of emotion. Learning better how to love. Love is multiplied with one cup, two cups, four cups. We have more together 

Sharing the emotions and love, this brings both the strength of the lion and the perspective of the birds

Recognizing the blessings and appreciation for the love that’s present

Continuing on the journey, making our way home

There has been heartache in the past, but we are moving forward into the nurturing energy that heals us. The heartaches are being divided with the 6 of swords and then the 3 of swords

We might’ve been knocked around a bit, but we are on this journey to where we need to be

We don’t have to be the center of attention, but we are important. We fill out cups and we don’t pour ourselves out to everyone anymore. It’s more of a selective watering now. We have the power to nourish the world with our waters, but we don’t pour out to everyone and leave ourselves barren. 

Thoughts and feelings need to remain balanced. We have the thoughts, but we don’t always have to see them. We can trust our intuition also. Life is not always about logic, it’s about balance. 

We are no longer getting left out in the cold. Everything we’ve wanted and needed is ours and we come in to the warmth of home

We don’t have to give everything away to be righteous or good. Sometimes we need to receive. We also don’t have to send our light out to everyone when we need it ourselves. If we need our own love and light, we give it to ourselves so that we grow. And then when we grow, we can give to others. Our journey will require us to let got of what doesn’t serve us, so that we can rebuild and bring in what does serve us.