Runes and Tarot 6/24/2022

I drew a few cards from my Key Notes deck again.
Remembrance (Owl)
Reminder that we carry wisdom in our subconscious mind. The suggestion is to meditate and journal thoughts and images.
Abundance (Elephant)
My cup is overflowing, treasure moments spent with loved ones.
Empower (Bear)
“I am empowered with love and light. I have courage and strength to love forward.”
I also drew Perthro and Mannaz from my Wild Runes deck. These have some meanings and associations on the backs of them.
The womb, the primordial void, ancestral pearls of wisdom, dive in and remember.
“Against all odds, I am able. I pull from the strings that tie me abs weave those of my blood before me. The tapestry of my future is guided by my hand, as well. The treasures are there for my taking, adding to my personal constellation and enhancing my Wyrd.”
A call to our original source, our ancestors. Good can be achieved when we work together towards our goals. Surrender the ego, remember our roots.
“I see your eyes: they are my own. I see your struggle: it is mine. I commit to developing myself in all ways so that you, my brothers and sisters, can rise and thrive alongside me.”

In my herbcrafter’s tarot,
I drew….
Ten of water
Taste the nectar of deep nourishment. Serenity roses from the roots of gratitude. Compost breeds contentment.
The hermit
Withdraw into sacred solitude. Gather treasures from the darkness. Emerge with light.
Ten of fire
There can be too much of a good thing. Stop. Step away. Soothe yourself. Cut it down and it roses back to life.
Curandera of water
Don’t live in the shallows; live in the depths. Strengthen your bones in the ocean’s ebb and flow. Rock gently on the water, heed the siren’s song.
Five of fire
Anger is sacred. Burn through the slumber of helplessness and complacency. Resist! Women’s rage is a force that will change the world.
This all speaks to continuing to nourish myself so that I am then able to be present for my loved ones. Sometimes the moments of solitude and seeking out the darkness in order to understand myself is needed. The healing waters of love also nourish. And after the deep dive into the divine darkness, come out of it with a torch and light everything up!
I’m also reminded of one of the goddesses in my divine feminine deck. She was angry and hid in a cave. The world was dark without her. Laughter and curiosity brought her out where one of the gods had placed a mirror. She saw her own beauty and these all combined to cheer her and she brought back light to the world. This was a reminder that it’s ok to be introspective sometimes. It had to be balanced with coming back out and shining our light.