Using the flexible training plans we will make together, the training I received to become an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and the creative accountability I provide, I will help you reach your fitness goals.


Pregnancy and Postpartum Movement Plans

-Reduce back pain, ease constipation, promote healthy weight gain, improve overall fitness, and strengthen your heart and blood vessels during pregnancy.

-After your birth and during the postpartum period, you may help improve your mood, decrease your risk of deep vein thrombosis, and support healthy weight loss with the right fitness plan.

We will work together to make a custom exercise plan that is just right for you and your personal fitness goals.  Because I work within the current ACOG guidelines, the fitness plan we make together can be taken to your care provider with confidence.


Cardio Kickboxing

Unleash your inner warrior, and gain confidence with these dynamic cardio kickboxing lessons.

-Beginner basics and beyond.

Whether you need a refresher from time to time, or a regular session to continue to hone your skills, we can set aside that space and time for you.  You are worth it.

You can expect friendly and professional sessions with your certified personal trainer

One-on-One Personal Training Session

-Initial interview (we go over your specific goals and needs, your why)

-Customized plans (we'll work out what exercises we need to include in your custom plan, and how to use them to reach your goals)

-Updating and revising plans (aligning with the vision you have for your life)