Let go of the need to be right.

So, I just drew the card peace keeper from my angels and ancestors oracle deck. The message for this one is to…
Choose peace and happiness over the need to be right. Rather than trying to prove a point, save your energy for what’s important.
The peacekeeper is a wise Native American woman who has been influenced by white buffalo woman. She holds a peace pipe, which is emblematic of surrendering the need to fight and offering harmony instead. She is a soul who knows what it’s like to feel under threat and to stand up for what she believes in and what is right. Her medicine helps you to take the highroad in every situation, even if you’re under pressure to make a quick decision. It is a reminder that within your hands lies the power to make the right choice for all involved.
You may be feeling on edge due to a stressful situation. There’s a warrior within you that wants to rise up, prove your point and get the truth across. But you’re being reminded by ancestor wisdom that truth will always be revealed in the end. It’s more important at this time to avoid arguments or heated discussions where you know you will be fighting a losing battle. There is much more power in choosing to move forward from a higher perspective this will allow you to connect deeply to the guidance within and the intuition that will lead you towards the healing of the whole situation, along with any wounds it may have inflicted on you. Choose peace- you know it’s calling you.