Cards 7/5/2022

From the Key Notes deck:
Relax. Life is beautiful. Notice the beauty, notice the calming influences. Notice the love.
From the Wild Runes deck:
Aurochs, Ice, strength, adaptability, overcoming, triumph, healing
I command. I create. I draw my will from above and my fire from below. My purpose fuels my stampede; my clarity guides me true. With every meeting of sky and earth, the bones of the past are pulverized, alchemized, cleansed and purified.
Freyr, double helix, fertility, seed, gestation, regeneration, reincarnation, spiritual inheritance
I carry the universe within me. I am all that came before me and all the lies ahead. Retreat, incubation, deliverance: I am the perfect cycle of stars.
From The Priestess of Light Oracle deck:
16 – Twin Flames
Soul partner, eternal connection
I am open to finding a deeper purpose in my life-a d to finding a soul partner who will share my intentions.

“The appearance of a twin flame is on the horizon, and it’s a directive of your karmic destiny that you reunite.”
“They can take the form of loving parent and child, business partners, scientists working together in the same discovery, composer and lyricist, environmentalists with a common cause, or any other duo United in the intention to enhance the earthly experience of others.”
Perfectly matching resonance, mutual recognition and higher purpose, great passion.