Virtual Assistant Services

Whether you are a seasoned REALTOR(R) or a newbie, I can help you get organized. At AdminSystemsUSA, our mission is “Simplifying REALTOR(R)s Lives!”

Natural Childbirth Education Classes

As new parents, it can be a challenge to sort through all of the information and opinions that are thrown at you. Let me support you on your journey through the education process as you become more confident and capable parents.

doTERRA Essential Oils

Throughout history, wise people have been using essential oils to support their good health and wellness. This rich tradition continues with doTERRA’s CPTG essential oils.

Through doTERRA, not only do we get what I feel is the best essential oil out there and the opportunity at a residual income for our families, the Co-Impact Sourcing growers that they partner with earn a stable income to support their own families, the communities they support with the Healing Hands Foundation grow stronger and healthier, school-aged girls can stay in school with support from Days for Girls, and the children who are sold into slavery have the chance at freedom and a happy life when they are rescued by Operation Underground Railroad.

They really do provide win-win situations for everyone involved.

Except the traffickers… they don’t end up with a win. They end up in prison.